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InspirationTrends for Wellbeing

Trends for Wellbeing

Nothing about this time is normal but one thing is certain: we have all been resourceful and embraced our creativity over the last year. Many of us have been sat at home staring at four walls whilst vigorously making lists of things we want to change, to fix, to paint… the list goes on.

Now it’s time! If you haven’t started already or you’ve been waiting for the right inspiration, look no further!

As Summer approaches why not revive your interior space and inject a new lease of life into your home.
The following Trends for Wellbeing guarantee to do just that.

1. Sunshine Indoors
It’s no secret that we love all things yellow here at Tom Dempsey’s. Yellow just makes us happy and surprisingly it goes with a lot of other colours. Whether you just add a splash of yellow to your sitting room walls or a yellow lamp to your study, you’d be surprised by the effect it can have on your overall mood. Adding bright yet warm colours to your living space truly brings sunshine indoors… even given our wet climate!

2. Leafy Patterns
This bold look is all about creating a sense of being surrounded by lush greenery, so you can really go to town with multiple botanical prints on the walls and soft furnishings. Add tropical artwork and accessories to take your room to the next level, but also remember to give the eye a rest by including a clean, simple neutral, for example, a white or cool grey wooden floor for contrast. You can really bring the outdoors indoors with this vibrant and vitalizing trend.

3. Natural
Nature makes us all happy. We as humans have an instinctive bond with nature and connecting with it helps us to improve our health and wellbeing. By introducing more natural textures, colours and materials into our home, we can add a calming and restorative atmosphere that is sure to help us relax in the evening after a long day. Natural materials such as jute, coir, sisal, wool and wood are great choices for achieving this when it comes to your floor but why stop there? You can add a more natural effect to your home by accessorising with plants, wicker baskets, ceramic vases, wooden furniture and much much more.

4. Floor-time Fun
You still can’t beat a quirky rug or carpet pattern to bring instant comfort and joy into our homes. There are so many modern and unusual patterns out there, it’s time to have fun letting your own personality shine through your flooring choices! Trust us, this will transform your room and put a smile on your face in the process. Current trends include layering or using a few rugs in one room, and if patterned unite using one colour theme.

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