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Timber Flooring
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This sublime lacquered herringbone floor is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of modern charm to their home. Easy to maintain, this floor is sure to be a hit from day one and for many years to come.
Are you ready to take elegance to a whole new level with this timeless herringbone oak floor? This classic floor has been brushed to reflect the light, creating an instantly relaxed feel. Perfect if you want to achieve that coastal or beachy look.
A true classic, this satin oak chevron floor imparts extraordinary elegance with its natural sheen and is sure to bring the finest Gallic style into your home.
The natural light evoked by this classic chevron oak ensures a welcoming environment and blends seamlessly with any style of décor. A design wood floor that reveals its full strength in an area with low or intermittent traffic.
This luxurious herringbone french oak complements any interior, whether classic or thoroughly contemporary. The tones impart warmth, while the modern herringbone plank creates texture and together they add to the cosy effect this floor is sure to have on your home.
This timelessly beautiful French oak floor makes for a simple yet eye-catching backdrop to any décor. Fill your home with the light and warmth offered by the satin finish of this classic statement piece.
With its chalk oiled finish, this engineered wood floor reveals the true authentic spirit of oak. Sure to complement any décor or interior scheme, this is a classic piece not to be missed!
This beautiful french oak softens the passage of time with its stunning grey-brown tint, and is particularly effective in simple, graphic interiors. If you want to make a statement with the flooring in your home then this is the floor for you!
This classic French oak faithfully reproduces the look of old wooden floors with its brushed, oiled and bleached finish. Whether laid in a traditional straight strip or herringbone style, you are sure to catch the eyes of your visitors with this fabulous floor.
This classic chevron oak floor allows you to add a touch of grandeur to your home. Inspired by the prestigious wood floors of yesteryear, chevron is a high-end wood floor that has recently resurfaced and is ready for you to discover right away!
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