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InspirationHow To: Scandinavian Interior Design

How To: Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian style is an element of interior design that we at Tom Dempsey Flooring are seeing an increasing interest in, especially for the upcoming autumn months.

Scandinavian design represents a design philosophy that’s characterized by functionality, simplicity, and clean lines. According to its philosophy, we should be in harmony with our environment, and things should be created to last rather than just replaced. To complement the art of living well, this design philosophy promotes a simple home environment that enhances an unrestricted and balanced lifestyle.

The minimalist style of Scandinavian design emerged during the 1930s within the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with an emphasis on the relationship between nature and elements of design. It’s often seen in the stark contrast between abstract and natural shapes, as well as hard and soft surfaces and materials.
Designs often play with natural light—which is a hot commodity in Nordic countries—some may argue the same in Ireland during the winter months!

As previously mentioned, the main purpose of Scandinavian design is to improve daily life. To accomplish that, designers focused in particular on furniture, flooring, lighting, textiles, and accessories. Of course, our primary focus here is on flooring:

  • If you want to achieve a Scandinavian inspired interior then we recommend the use of wooden floors in light wood tones, the more natural the effect the better—distressed wood can help to achieve this.
  • Warm wooden tones and sepia hues are popular because they enhance the brightness of a room without using overwhelming bright colors.
  • Wall to wall carpets never became popular in Scandinavian countries but that doesn’t mean you can’t use an area rug to add warmth and contrast to your space. We recommend a neutrally-toned, textured rug with geometric or chevron designs to emphasise the Scandinavian style.
  • Colours – White walls and cool blue and gray textiles are common in Nordic countries. In some homes, brighter pops of color can be found in fabrics such as throws and rugs and even cushions. The great thing about that is you can update your room regularly simply by changing these accessories.
  • Accessories – The minimalist style promotes the design philosophy “less is more.” Accessories are usually scaled back to create less clutter and fewer visual distractions. Plants are often used to add to the nature aspect of this interior style whilst lamps and candles can accomplish that soft and cozy ambience.

It’s no wonder this style is so popular: It speaks to both our tidy tendencies and our desire to live in cozy and comfortable settings. If you want to acheive this simplistic yet intricate look, take note of the beautiful layered spaces below:

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