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InspirationCaptivated by Herringbone

Captivated by Herringbone

To begin with a quick historic background. The origins of herringbone lie in the road system developed by the Roman Empire around 500 B.C. You might be surprised to learn that it also has Celtic history: horsehair herringbone cloth has been found in Ireland from 600 B.C, which explains why it’s also a traditional choice for tweed.

But we here at Tom Dempsey Flooring are all about the floors! Herringbone patterns were used in interiors from as early as Roman times right through the Middle Ages, it was surprisingly only in the 16th century that the design was replicated using wooden floors. Starting in castles and homes of the wealthy around Europe, it didn’t take long for this elegant method of laying wooden floors to gain in popularity worldwide.

The herringbone pattern is an arrangement of staggered rectangular planks of wood which are aligned to meet perpendicular to each other, resulting in a broken zig zag pattern. This method of fitting floor will add a unique and luxurious finish to your space. Looking for a classic, stylish floor with a modern twist? Then herringbone is the design for you.

Benefits of choosing herringbone wooden floors:

  • Because the eye is drawn to the wide part of the “V” in the herringbone design, the pattern conjures an optical illusion giving the appearance of movement, which suggests a larger area, making the room feel more spacious than it actually is.
  • The arrangement of the pattern provides more structural stability to the already durable hardwood floors by absorbing high compression.
  • Wood flooring formatted in this way offers versatility. Depending on the design of the room, they can be either subtle or commanding.
  • The world is your oyster when it comes to personalising your herringbone floor. Many collections offer the ability to choose the angle of the planks, as well as the width. A wide    herringbone pattern can add impact to contemporary spaces, while narrow herringbone planks work in urban, industrial, and shabby chic spaces. Choice of colours and finishes as well as textures are extensive so there is plenty of opportunity to infuse your own personal style.

If you’re more of a carpet person then don’t worry! You can still enjoy the chic appearance of a herringbone pattern in the form of natural carpet.
Natural fibre floors are now more accessible than ever and are available in a variety of highly durable textures – Sisal, Coir, Jute, Seagrass and even Wool.

Make an architectural statement in both classic and contemporary interiors by introducing herringbone to your home. Add character and charm to your interior by creating a sense of space and elegance with textural substance that won’t overpower.

If you should have any questions or enquiries regarding herringbone installation or even if you wish to receive more advice, don’t hesitate to contact our flooring experts through the enquiries tool on our website, by phone (091-795777), by email ( or drop into our showroom and speak directly with our team.

Head over to our ‘Videos’ to see the very intricate herringbone installation process…

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